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Saturday, December 18, 2010

:) Candy Gram

To: Marty

I just remembered the candy gram you sent me. Your was sweet and true.. You told me exactly how you felt. I on the other hand just said Happy Holidays... 
But little do you know, I have a hard time telling people what I have to say by writing it.
Im better with talking...But idk..here's my redo

You're funny, you're cute, your're sweet, you're nice, you're a dork <3, you're talented, you're amazing, but most of all you're yourself. Your true to yourself and others. And thats hard to find in a guy. So Im soo happy and lucky that I have you. Never in a million bagillion years would I have ever thought of dating you. But Im soo happy we are. You make me laugh, happy, smile, and feel so great inside. I love spending time with you and being with you. I LOVE having YOU in my life. :) This is how I feel only after a month of dating you, but Im looking forward for more months to come. I miss you already

- Marlee :P  

Ps: Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Im the home wrecker, Im the problem, Im the reason why my grandma cries.
Im the theif, Im the mistake, Im the reason why my life is filled with lies.

I committed assault, I almost killed someone, I almost got into a fight.
I cut, I screamed, I hid, I ran. I packed my bags and escaped into the night.

I smile, I laugh, I dream, I fall.
I see the stars and try to count them all.

Im not used to being happy, I may act like it but Im not.
I like to feel sad and apathetic, but if I am I get caught.

My friends try to make me happy, but if they heard my story they would probably  stop.
Yet when Im  at the bottom they try to put me on the top.

I dont have the highest self-esteem, I dont always have a clue.
And this may all sound stupid, but boy if you only knew.

I fight, I stand, I live, I survive.
And for the first time in my life I've never felt so alive. 

I don't give a damn as to what people think.
For I dont have to answer questions if I smoke or if I drink.

I know what Ive done, and I know what Ive said.
But if life was about living with fear and regret aren't we better off dead?

Let us raise a glass to the misunderstood who came before us, for they chased after the sun.
And for the rest of us misunderstood children, are mission has just begun.

Friday, December 3, 2010

If today was your last day

I scream at the tops of my lungs hoping someone can hear me.
I pull out my hair and bang my head and wonder what life would be

With out me there would be no drama no problems no lies no pain
In the end I lose but you have something to gain.

Imagine I'm gone, I took my life and now it's in the grim reapers possession.
Im gone with no warning and there's no time for a reconciliation.

As you put your make up on you see a smudge on the mirror .
You wipe it clean so you can see clearer.

But what do you see, are you proud of what you've done?
Do you think about all the millions of people in the world or are you the only one?
If you were to leave the earth, could you say you had a good life?
Or did you live your life with regret and end it on bad strife?

Theres always something missing, and it kills to when you can't figure out what.
But to figure out what that is, you gotta walk through life with a strut.